Before starting your new job, you must be well aware of all the benefits that are associated with them. you must know about them beforehand so there may be no one to take your rights away from you. so, all the employees must know about them regarding the UAE labour law.

Labour lawyers in UAE can also help you with your queries regarding the UAE labour law as they have knowledge regarding it.



There are two different types of contracts in UAE. One is a limited contract and the other one is an unlimited contract. A limited contract is the one which is valid for up to two years but the unlimited contracts do not have a fixed time period. They are for an unlimited period of time.

In case, someone terminates the limited contract before its time, he will get fined. The gratuity payment also varies for the unlimited and limited contracts.


Employees should be paid a salary once a month. It can be more than that as well but paying salary once a month is necessary. Almighty the salary, the employees should be given their pay slip as well. no amount should be deducted from the salary in relation to money owed to the employer in excess of 10 per cent of the wage.


Maternity Leave

The maternity leave is granted for a period of 4 days.  In that period, the employee is granted this leave along with the pay. If the person has served the company or less than one year, he will be granted half pay on maternity leave. If you need more off days, you can get 00 more of them but they will be unpaid holidays if you are facing some serious illness issues that are stopping you from doing work. for such a situation, a medical certificate is necessary too.


Probation Period

Probation period can be a maximum of six months. People can give the notice to get more three months for a probationary period. Another is months extension can also be granted.



End of service gratuity is considered to be one of the best benefits for the employees. this is because when they are done with providing their services to the company, it acts as help for them to use the money when they do not have any job. The gratuity payment given to the employees is different for different contracts types.


When an employee resigns from an unlimited term contract on his own, the gratuity payment is based on 21 days’ pay for each year as follows:


–  Period of service of between 1 to 3 years: reduction will be 2/3

–  Period of service of between 3 to 5 years: reduction will be 1/3

–  for over five years of the service period, there will be no reduction


If the employee resigns before paying the services for almost 5 years, he will not be paid any gratuity payment at all.


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