Is your basement full of useless or broken electronics? What do you do with that old computer monitor, telephone, PDF, cell phone, fan, VCR, camcorder, DVD player, boom box, camera and the list can go on and on? Is there purpose in those broken and or otherwise useless electronics? You might be surprised to know that what you think is useless electronics are actually quite valuable to the right people. According to an article, electronics are bad items to be tossing in the trash because they tend to leak toxins and poisons into the environment and our drinking water. So, the question remains, what should you do with that old electronic device? So, the question remains, what should you do with that old electronic device? There are many things you can do with old electronics from reusing, repurposing or even using the parts. For example, an old Android device can make a great gaming device or music player. Looking for another idea? How about turning your old tablet into a digital photo frame? If you are not that creative and don’t want to be messing with those old electronics than you should consider donating them to family, friends or even strangers by listing them for free on the internet. From recycling to donating to charity or even trading it in for gift cards, there are plenty of things that you can do with your old electronics that do not include tossing them into the trash.

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